RPT Distributing was started in Jackson, Mississippi in the mid-1990s by Rick Estel, a man with an honest down-to-earth approach, strong work ethic and focus on customer service. The business Rick started was the retail side of Truck Accessories, but quickly saw the need for distribution that was there and he started building what is now a very large distribution center.

RPT started out with a 10,000 square foot warehouse and today is over 100,000.00 square foot in size. RPT began serving retailers in Mississippi and quickly built a strong list of customers. As the coverage area expanded, the Flowood warehouse became insufficient. In 2006, RPT moved into a true warehouse in Brandon, Mississippi to better meet customer needs. As RPT continued to rapidly grow, additional facilities were added to expand stocking quantities and expand service capabilities.

Today, RPT is a leader in specialty products and distribution in the southeast. All RPT associates have but one goal: To improve our ability to offer the fastest, most flexible and most reliable service in the industry. Our hardworking sales staff, mix of over 125 product lines and our high fill rate provide retailers with what they need to be profitable on a dependable, repeatable basis.

When you call our toll-free phone lines, you speak to a friendly, live person – not a recording – and are treated like a customer and business professional – not an account number or a credit limit. And to save you time and money to help you grow your business, the RPT Business to Business site allows you to view inventory at our warehouses, view product pricing, place and modify orders, and manage your account all free of charge.

As a specialty parts retailer or aftermarket wholesaler, you will not find a better friend in the industry than RPT. Because that’s what you are: A valued RPT friend and partner. RPT is focused on a strong work ethic, focus on customer service, technology and wide array of product lines offer customers the total package. We look forward to working with you now and into the future.